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Social media

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Sparta’s YouTube channel brings the latest news from both the Letná and Strahov stadiums, offering fans montages of matches, sneak peeks backstage, interviews, and other interesting content, produced directly by the club.

Social media

Apart from the official website, you can also follow the club on various social networks, getting a closer look at what’s going on in the club.


Since its launch in 2009, the club’s official Facebook page has grown into one of the largest Czech sports-related pages on Facebook.

The page keeps fans up to speed on the club’s latest news, offering rich audiovisual content that allows the fans to peek backstage and see the workings of the biggest sports club in the Czech Republic.


Sparta use five Twitter accounts, each with a different focus, so fans can easily get exactly the kind of information they are looking for.

The main Twitter account offers a general overview of the latest news and news from the club’s backstage.

The Youth account keeps fans updated on what’s currently happening at the Strahov Youth Academy, bringing detailed information on matches ranging from Junior team to U12 team, as well as other news from the training centre.

Women’s football is also an important part of the club, and the dedicated Twitter account welcomes all fans looking for the latest news on the women’s first team and the girl’s youth teams.

Our fans from abroad are also very dear to us – this is why the English version of Sparta’s website is linked to a Twitter account in English.

Fans who follow the club on the road to support it during away matches, both in domestic and European competitions, will surely appreciate useful organization-related info brought by the club’s Supporters Liaison Officer directly from the matches.


The latest pictures from practices, matches, and the club’s backstage, accompanied by important news on what’s going on in the club, with Instagram Stories to bring fans, players, and coaches even closer.