Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena

The site of some of the biggest battles in the history of Sparta, is now opening its doors! AC Sparta Praha football club is to launch regular stadium tours for fans and supporters. The stadium tour will take you to those places that regular visitors cannot access.

Information about Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena

  • Sparta’s stadium is in the central part of Prague, in the district of Letná, a part of Prague 7.
  • Right next to the stadium is the city’s biggest park, Stromovka, and Milady Horákové street, one of the city’s most important thoroughfares.
  • The stadium is very close to the city centre – within a radius of just two kilometres, some of the most iconic sights of the city can be found, including Wenceslas Square, Old Town Square, and the Prague Castle.
  • The stadium has been Sparta’s home since 1917.
  • There are two subway stops close to the stadium (Hradčanská and Vltavská), and a tram stop called Sparta. Visitors can also use a parking lot on a nearby Letenská pláň that is suitable for both cars and buses.
  • Spectators: 18 185 18.185
  • VIP: 702 702
  • Media: 80 80
  • Total capacity: 18 887 18.887
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  • The football field dimensions (105x68 m) meet the UEFA regulation for all their final matches and the dimension recommendations for all football stadiums where the UEFA and FIFA matches can be played
  • The distance of the sidelines and goal lines from the technical area is 5 m
  • The distance of LED advertising displays is in accordance with the UEFA regulation

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  • Total capacity: 18,887 places (10,433 covered with a roof; 8,454 not covered)
  • Capacity for the media: 80

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  • The stadium has 5 entrances (sectors) with their own cash desks
  • Entrance no. 1 - from M. Horákové street (grandstand and a part of the southern stand)
  • Entrance no. 2 - from U Sparty street (eastern stand and a part of the southern stand)
  • Entrance no. 3 - from U Sparty street (eastern stand)
  • Entrance no. 4 - from the corner of U Sparty street (northern stand)
  • Entrance no. 5 - from U Sparty street (only for viewers of the visiting team, capacity of 2,500 places)
  • In accordance with the UEFA safety regulations, all sectors (1-5) in the stands as well as out of the stands are separated from each other

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The turf is heated using a system provided by the Rehau company, while the Rain-Bird system takes care of irrigation. Both systems can be operated manually or automatically.

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Fans seated at both upper and lower stands of the “opposite” grandstand (the eastern one) will appreciate the heating system that can increase the temperature by up to 10 degrees in cold weather. The heating is operated by Pražská plynárenská gasworks, using a system provided by Schwank company.

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History of stadiums of Sparta Prague in the place of the existing stadium

  • 1921 - the first stadium - wooden structure
  • 1936 - reinforced-concrete grandstand (foundation of the current grandstand and stadium facilities)
  • 1969 - new arena for 35,880 viewers
  • 1994 - general renovation of the stadium to the current form
  • 2003 - new name of the stadium - Toyota Arena
  • 2007 - new name of the stadium - AXA Arena
  • 2009 - new name of the stadium - Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena