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Season Tickets


Renewal of season tickets from the 2023/2024 season will start on Tuesday 18 June at 12:00.
Season ticket holders from the 2023/2024 season will have their seats reserved until 21 June at 11:00 (you must enter your season ticket number to renew your seat). Only until this date will the renewal discount be available. You must have a verified phone number in your SPARTA iD account settings to purchase a season ticket, without a verified number you cannot purchase a season ticket.
The sale of season tickets will only take place online in the ENIGOO environment and on the basis of your SPARTA iD account.

Phases of sale

18.6. 12:00 – 21.6. 11:00  
Pre-sale for current season ticket holders
Renewal of current seat with the possibility of applying a discount for the renewal.
21.6. 12:00 – 24.6. 11:00  
Pre-sale for current season ticket holders
Renewal with the possibility of a change of seat, but without the right to a discount for renewal.
25.6. 12:00 – 26.6. 11:00 
Pre-sale for the Sparta Club
Special sales period for Sparta Club owners who meet the criteria*
26.6. 12:00 - end of sale
Pre-sale for fans on the Waiting list
The process of this phase is described in detail in the Waiting list section below.
*Based on feedback from fans, a special round of season ticket sales has been added for Sparta Club owners who meet the following criteria: membership of at least 3+ years and tickets purchased for at least 5 league games in the 2023-2024 season. Anyone who meets the criteria can purchase 2 season tickets.
Sale of season tickets


You can purchase your pass electronically. It will then be credited to your SPARTA iD account and mobile app. The additional fee for a plastic season ticket is 490,- CZK. For technical reasons, later claims will not be taken into account. Multiple season tickets can be purchased within one purchase and only one postage fee can be paid.
If you are over 65 years old, you can get a free plastic season ticket. For this option, choose the electronic pick-up method and then come to the Customer Centre at Letná, which will be open for this option on the day of the match with Trnava from (5 July 2024) from 11am, 11 and 12 July from 9:00am to 12:00pm and 1:00pm to 4:00pm and then every home league match 2 hours before kick-off. Upon presentation of the OP, a free plastic season ticket will be issued (must match first and last name).
ELECTRONIC - In case you have chosen the electronic delivery method, you will find your season ticket in digital form in your SPARTA iD or Sparta app within 24 hours of paying for your order.
BY MAIL- If you have chosen the method of delivery by mail, the distribution of season tickets will take place "in waves" from 24 June 2024 at the earliest. You will still be able to find your season ticket digitally in your SPARTA iD or Sparta app within 24 hours of paying for your order.

Waiting list

Due to enourmous demand for season tickets, we launched a Waiting list in the summer of 2023 to purchase a season tickets for the season 2024/2025
There are currently almost 13 thousand fans registred on the list! However, the capacity of the stadium is limited and so is the maximum amount of seats, that can be held by season ticket holders. At the moment, it is unfortunately clear, that not everyone will be able to buy season ticket. Compared to the 2023/24 we are increasing the capacity for season ticket holders to the total number of 10 000.

Stadium map

Price list

Standart price
Discount 10%
Discount 20%
Children and disabled persons (ZTP)
🟦 1st category
6 400 CZK
5 760 CZK
5 120 CZK
3 200 CZK
🟧 2nd category
5 300 CZK
4 770 CZK
4 240 CZK
2 650 CZK
🟥 3rd category
4 300 CZK
3 870 CZK
3 440 CZK
2 150 CZK
You can claim only one discount at the time
·       *The condition for obtaining the children discount is membership in Sparta Club Junior – more in section „Children at the stadium“ and „Sparta Club Junior“
·       *Condition for obtaining the Disabled persons discount – more in section ZTP ( severe health disability persons)

Benefits when purchasing a season ticket

  1. Guaranteed seat at the stadium for CHANCE league (including Finals (originally „nadstavba“)) and MOL Cup
  2. Prior right to purchase tickets for European Cups
  3. Discount on tickets for European Cups
  4. 10 % Fanshop discount

I go to Sparta. I'm taking advantage of the season ticket holder.

How it works

Children at the stadium

We offer the youngest Spartans (from 2 to 15 years old*) the opportunity to get discounted children's season tickets. Membership in Sparta Club Junior will be a condition for purchasing a child season ticket. By registering for Sparta Club Junior, you will receive a 50% discount on a season ticket for your child according to the designated category. Please note that the so-called child season ticket cannot be forwarded online to a friend, but can only be released for sale.


For download

  1. General Terms & Conditions

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  2. Code of conduct for visitors to epet ARENA

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  3. Information on the processing of personal data of the owner of a ticket

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