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We are Sparta


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We are Sparta

  1. We are unbreakable desire to win.
  2. We're the ones who wear the red jersey.
  3. We have been Prague’s Letná for more than 100 years.
  4. We are hundreds of thousands of proud fans.
  5. We are the ones who have only the highest ambitions.
  6. We are the most successful football club in the history of Czech and Czechoslovak football.

Why do we exist?

We believe that the desire to win makes us a better club and fills the Spartans with a sense of pride and exceptionality.
We know that only those who have the courage to be the best and whose desire to win is unbreakable may win. Therefore, our winning nature will never let us give up the ambitions, which Sparta has always had and will have the highest.

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How do we operate?

Anyone who works for Sparta understands that making Spartans proud means working harder than others, going for everything without fear, never giving up, and honoring the following values.


We are Spartans and by nature we want to be the best. To win trophies, to cheer for the best players, to enjoy the most beautiful goals. Every day, every minute, we want to fulfil Sparta's mission, which is to be the best. Each of us, whether on the pitch or in the stands, is aiming for the highest goals
The legend coach Václav Ježek
The legend coach Václav Ježek

During the 1960s Václav Ježek built our team around Andrej Kvašňák. After returning from foreign and national team of Czechoslovakia, with which he won EURO 1976. Václav Ježek definitively stopped our dark era of the 1970s. He put together team which turned Sparta AMBITIONS into reality and dominated the 80s. Václav Ježek, the best Czech coach of the 20th century.


Being part of Sparta means stepping out of the line and taking responsibility, overcoming fear and not minding if outnumbered, setting high goals and achieving them. Having the courage to win and aiming for the highest goals.
King of comic actors and savior
King of comic actors and savior

For most, the king of comic actors. Sparta's goalkeeper, coach and savior during the time of Nazi occupation. At a time when most of the society missed COURAGE, Vlasta Burian took over Sparta and significantly helped her to get through this tough period of the Czech history. He also protected many footballers and other Czechs from forced labour in the Nazi Germany.


It is the Spartan attitude of how to behave towards others, because Sparta does not view the others only as the source of income and benefits, but, most importantly, as a potential for the development of the club. That is why we assume our responsibility and strive to help disadvantaged groups, support sport for children and take care of our former players who find themselves in a difficult situation.
Andrej Kvašňák, Spartan of the Century
Andrej Kvašňák, Spartan of the Century

The best players in the Czech or Czechoslovak football history has worn the Spartan jersey since 1893. Many stars, many personalities, several legends. But only one player has earned such a great RESPECT that the Spartans themselves called him 'Spartan of the century'. Andrej Kvašňák.


Everything we do we do with respect to the history and traditions of Sparta. It is a heritage in all aspects of life that has been passed down from generation to generation since 1893. We believe that respect for the past gives us strength at present and conditions success in the future.
Iron Káďa
Iron Káďa

Glowing star of the European football sky after World War I. Karel “Káďa” Pešek was the key figure of Sparta, which conquered domestic football and earned a reputation around the world. It was the team around 'Káďa' that gave birth to the Iron Sparta TRADITION.