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About the AC Sparta Prague Foundation
About the AC Sparta Prague Foundation

As a club, we also care about our surroundings. We help those who need it most. The AC Sparta Prague Foundation is one of the main instruments of our help. We also provide signed club items that go to various organizations or projects to help raise a certain amount of money that can impact the lives of those who find themselves in a difficult life situation.


Founded: 2013
Founder: AC Sparta Praha fotbal, a.s.
Board of Directors: Irena Smetanová (chairman), Vladimír Táborský, David Bičík
Supervisory Board: Tomáš Křivda (chairman), Jaroslav Bartoň, Jan Jiráň, Daniel Křetínský, Marek Šmejkal

History of the AC Sparta Praha Foundation

The AC Sparta Praha Foundation was established on March 7, 2013, with the goal of providing assistance to former club players who find themselves in difficult life situations, whether due to health complications or financial hardship. Its founding coincided with the 120th anniversary of the club's establishment. 
This long club history and social responsibility commit us to support not only former players but also to foster and develop community projects. Today, football is more than just a 90-minute game; it is a means for continual societal contribution. Through its Foundation, AC Sparta Praha actively strives to engage with the community and contribute to its development. We are proud to be part of the broader community surrounding the football club. In its five years of operation, the Foundation has distributed a total of CZK 2,081,000 to applicants, helping 29 former players. Over its 10-year existence, we have distributed more than CZK 10 million in aid and have been involved in numerous activities.