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Fan Club Sparta is an association of AC Sparta Prague fans. Membership in its branches gives Sparta fans a number of benefits.
FCS members not only regularly attend Sparta games at Letná and go to away games, they also organise a number of events. Football tournaments, sports afternoons, children's days and much more. They can also take advantage of the full range of benefits that come with membership. They have sectors reserved for them at the Letná stadium, they can take advantage of travel allowances to visit Sparta, they meet regularly with club representatives and much more.
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Benefits of membership

  1. Discussions

    Meetings of Sparta representatives in Fan Club branches according to possibilities

  2. Transportation

    We will contribute to your branch for bus transport to selected Sparta home games in the league and UEFA pre-season competitions

  3. Financial support

    Drawing financial support for events organized by the branch (tournaments, children's days, meetings) after approval of the Fan Club Executive Committee

  4. Souvenirs

    Opportunity to ask the Fan Club Executive Committee for souvenirs and promotional materials for events organized by the branch in the region

  5. Free tickets

    Branch min. 20 members - 1 free ticket, min. 40 members - 2 free tickets, for every 20 members another 2 tickets (max. per branch - 16 tickets)

  6. Tickets

    Benefits associated with the purchase of tickets for home games