Strahov Training Centre

Strahov Training Centre

In 2002, the club’s management decided to invest 256 million Czech crowns into the construction of a modern training centre with the goal of continuously improving youth training and education, hoping to raise more superstars like Tomáš Rosický from the ranks of junior players.

The training centre is located at the Strahov stadium, the former grounds of Spartakiades, and represents a unique facility in the context of both Czech and Central-European football, with the architects having drawn inspiration from similar facilities of Bayern Munich and FC Liverpool. The centre has been a home to all Sparta’s youth teams since 2003.

The centre is made up of 8 pitches with artificial lighting, allowing year-round use and providing top notch quality training options. The two-storey building that serves as a player base is equipped with changing rooms, a rehab centre, a gym, a movie theatre, a restaurant, and operational and maintenance facilities.

The opening ceremony of the AC Sparta Prague Strahov Youth Training Centre took place on October 23rd, 2003. The district of Prague 6 has provided financial support to Strahov Youth Training Centre.

Strahov Youth Training Centre is equipped with:

  • 8 football pitches (2 with artificial turf Monoslide 2050 / Megagrass 2050 and 6 with natural grass)
  • A beach volleyball court
  • Artificial lighting with illuminance of 200/400 lux, allowing a year-round operation and high-quality training even during the late evening hours
  • Falcon irrigation system with 24 sprinklers at every pitch to ensure that natural grass pitches are always kept in a perfect condition
  • Two-storey player base providing all of the necessary facilities for matches and the training process:
  • 18 modern changing rooms with sanitary facilities and showers
  • 3 changing rooms for referees
  • A rehab centre and a first-aid station
  • A gym
  • A movie theatre and a lecture theatre for 35 people
  • A Restaurant
  • Operational and maintenance facilities
  • Outdoor guarded parking lot with a capacity of 100 cars and 10 buses

Did you know that…

  • The Strahov stadium is the largest in the world, spanning an area of over 6 hectares, with a capacity to seat 200 000 spectators. It is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • First coming into existence in the 1930s, the stadium was used for Spartakiades and Sokol festivals. The sand pitch could hold up to 14 000 exercisers, with 13 824 marks covering the stadium.
  • The speakers embedded right into the pitch were one-of-a-kind in the whole world. The famous gate “Brána borců” closed for the last time in 1994, at the end of a Sokol festival.
  • In just one year, Sparta managed to build Strahov Youth Training Centre for all the club’s youth teams. The Centre is made up of six natural grass pitches and two pitches with artificial turf.
  • AC Sparta Prague Strahov Youth Training Centre is primarily used by youth but will also be available to the second-league reserve, the women’s team and the “Stará garda” (Old crew) team. In total, twenty teams will be using the centre’s facilities, being able to train late into the night thanks to high-quality lighting system.

Provozní řád tréninkového centra AC Sparta Praha


  • The city of Prague provides financial contributions for the Centre’s operation.

  • The district of Prague 6 has provided financial support for the organisation.

  • The district of Prague 7 provides financial contributions for the Centre’s operation.

  • Organisation is financially supported by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports

  • The organisation is financially supported by the National Sports Agency.

  • Total construction expenses: 256 million CZK
  • Start of construction: August 2002
  • End of construction: October 2003