Cashiers on the day of the match

  • The cashier opens 3 hours before the game.
  • Tickets for home fans are provided by cash desks 1A and 1-3, for guest fans cash desk 5.
  • You can pay by credit card at checkout.

Entrance ticket prices 2019/20

Sector Category I Category II Category III
Blue 590 390 290
Yellow 490 320 250
Red 410 250 190
Orange 350 220 170
Sector Category I Category II Category III
Home fans sectors D45-D48, H37-H40 (must be at least 15 years old) 350 220 170
Family section ( Mini Kids Club, Kids Club a Junior Club) D29-D30, H21-H22 100 100 100

There are two ways to buy tickets for Sparta home match. Via the internet at or personally on the day of the match at the cash register of Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena. The start of the pre-sale depends on the date of the match. Usually it is 14 - 10 days before the game.

Click on the corresponding sector for the display of a photograph with a view of the football field

D69 D70 D77 D78 D79 D80 D81 D82 D89 D90 D91 D92 D93 D94 H74 H75 H76 H83 H84 H85 H86 H87 H88 H61 H62 H71 H72 H73 H60 H59 H58 H57 H44 H43 H42 D68 D67 D66 D65 D64 D63 D56 D55 D54 D53 D52 D51 H41 H40 H39 H38 H37 D50 D49 D48 D47 D46 D45 D36 D35 D34 D33 D32 D31 D30 D29 H28 H27 H26 H25 A20 A19 H24 H23 H22 H21 A19 A18 A17 A16 A11 A10 A9 A8 B6 A6-H B5 A5-H B4 B3 B2 A2 B1 A1 VIP VIP-L