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Hašek sent a one-sided dismissal

Sparta refuses to terminate a contract by this act and will defend herself


Sparta inform fans: On Thursday 12th March, Martin Hašek (represented by Markéta Vochoska Haindlová) delivered unilateral termination of the professional contract to the club. At the same time, he did not come to the reserves training without excuse.
Martin Hašek, with his decision to unilaterally terminate the contractual, face to the possibility of high penalties that could be imposed to him in the future to compensate for the deprivations. Sparta will follow the rules and keep this case to competent authorities.
On Tuesday 25th February, Martin Hašek sent the unilateral notice. It included an ultimatum to move the player back to the first team. The club management responded with a request that the player have to continue to perform with the reserves. Subsequently, there was another written communication between the player and the club. On 12th March, the player did not come to the reserves training.
In spite of the acts by the player in recent weeks, the club has been fulfilling and was ready to fulfil all the obligations in the contract.

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