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Virtual derby against Slavia

Adam Hložek will represent Sparta


Since last week, Sparta fans can buy tickets for virtual derby and try to symbolically break imaginarily break the record for the highest all-time attendance in the history of Czechoslovak football - 50,105 spectators at the derby in 1965. Amount from ticket will be for project “Help for nurses” which financially support nurses. From the beginning, we promise that the derby will not only be just symbolic. On May 10, there will really be a match. Now it's time to tell you more!
On Sunday, May 10, at 11:00 AM, a completely unique version of the derby between Sparta and Slavia will start. The FIFA 20 game is not so unique but the important thing is who will play for both teams. In total, the squad consists eight people divided into four categories: current first team players, former first team players, famous fans and eSport players. All of them will play the match, each of the eight participants will play one match against an opponent from the other club. There will be one point for each victory. So there are eight points, in case of a 4-4 result, the derby end with a draw.
In total, the match will consist of eight games. ESports players will play with their FUT teams, everyone else will play for Sparta or Slavia. Each pair will meet together in the studio and there will be post-match interviews after the match. The whole match will be broadcasted live on ČTsport as the first live broadcast of a FIFA competition in the history of Czech Television. Jiří Štěpán will guide you in the studio and will bring you interviews with the players. The match will be commented by eSports commentator Filip Lejček and football commentator of CT Jan Pěruška. You can still support “Help for nurses” account during the entire live broadcast.
So everyone will see the match in the Czech Television, but the 100 CZK ticket on the one hand help to overcome the record visit from 1965 and also help the nurses which risk their own health. If you buy a premium ticket for 300 CZK, you can also look forward to a bonus surprise from your club.
In the following days, both teams will tell you which players will represent them in the virtual derby. We are already introducing the first name - Adam Hložek! He will play for Sparta in the category of current players! “I'm really looking forward to a different experience than a normal derby. But I feel that I am currently good in FIFA, so I believe that I will confirm it,” says Adam Hložek with a view to the match!
His team mates will be Adam Karabec, the youngest footballer it the first team, Sparta eSports players The Johny and Emerickson, former players Jiří Kladrubský and Juraj Kucka, actors David Novotný and Jakub Štáfek.

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