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1944-1973: After the war ups and downs

The almost thirty-year period was very rich in various events for Sparta, both on the domestic and foreign scene. There were more pleasant ones. Six championship titles, applause in most of the encounters in European cup competitions and very successful overseas tours. The shadows mainly include the 1951-1964 name change to Spartak Sokolovo after a nationally pointless reorganisation, several seasons in which they struggled to stay in the league and the mysterious 0-5 defeat of the then great Spartan's team in the 1966 Champions Cup in Belgrade.

State League champion, Winner of the Liberation Cup


State League champion


National Champion


National Champion


Winner of the Central European Cup, Winner of the Czechoslovak Cup


League champion


League champion


Winner of the Czech Cup, Winner of the Czechoslovak Cup


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I think that in Prague I will have more opportunities not only at work but also as a football player. I would like to play better and I would like to be part of the national team with my performance. I feel that I need a change of environment if I am to make it.

– Andrej Kvašňák fights before disciplinary committee for transfer from Košice to Spartak

Ideal 11

The line-up was selected by Zdeněk Pavlis, chairman of the Sports Journalists Club and co-author of the book Iron Sparta.

Strange years. After the Forty-eighty-eighth February, downright horrible. Even in football, because Sparta was no longer allowed to be Sparta, but first had to be renamed Sparta Brotherhood and then even ordered by the ruling powers to become Spartak Sokolovo.
But of course no decree could erase the name Sparta from football hearts and minds. Especially when right after the war it added two more titles to its already rich collection of league championships and in the fifties it added two more championships. Even some of the names from these years fit into the ideal line-up of this long, almost thirty-year era in Sparta's history.

Memorable matches

2. 10. 1946
FC Arsenal vs. Sparta Praha
19. 7. 1962
Additional match to stay in the league
Spartak Praha Sokolovo vs. Dynamo Žilina
6. 2. 1966
River Plate vs. Sparta Praha
2. 3. 1966
First match of the PMEZ quarter-finals
Sparta Praha vs. Partizan Bělehrad
20. 3. 1968
PMEZ quarter-final rematch
Sparta Praha vs. Real Madrid

We haven't lost yet, the game is not over yet, we still have forty-five minutes to go. I'm telling you, we're gonna tie it. Venda, wait for the PASS.

Mašek actually got the pass and the team saved the league.
- Andrej Kvašňák during the break in the match with Žilina, when Spartak were avoiding relegation


Josef Ludl
Josef Ludl

*3. 6. 1916 - †1. 8. 1998 After arriving from Viktoria Žižkov, he wore the red jersey from 1938 to 1951, playing 417 games and scoring 304 goals. He was a brilliant technician and excelled in tenacity. He could play positionally and tactically, efficiently and purposefully, shoot and organize every action well. He brought life to the offense and confusion to the opposing defense. On the international stage, he was sometimes compared to the Brazilian Leonidas, who was admired by the whole world at the time. A greater measure of praise probably did not exist. He was in the form of his life in 1947, when he was the first Czechoslovakian to be nominated to the European team for matches against Netherlands and England.

Tadeáš Kraus
Tadeáš Kraus

*22. 10. 1932 - †30. 10. 2018 He joined Sparta in 1956 and played a total of 458 games in the red jersey until 1966, scored 201 goals. In the following years he did a great job as the head of the entire youth section and coach of the youth league. In 1971 he also became the coach of the first league team. He was tearing down his teammates with his combativeness. He escaped on the wing, played the ball precisely as a midfielder, was an excellent goal scorer, and when Kvasňák fell ill with jaundice, in 1964 he took on the role of a spielmacher. Then, according to experts, he became a player who, even at 32, would once again deserve the attention of the builders of the national team, whose jersey he wore in 32 matches.

Václav Mašek
Václav Mašek

*21. 3. 1941 He wore the red jersey from 1957 to 1973, with a one-year military break for 16 years. He played 677 games and scored an impressive 406 goals. He helped Sparta to championship titles in 1965 and 1967, was one of their key players in their memorable overseas tours, and made his mark in bold letters in two progressions to the quarter-finals of the Champions Cup. He was an excellent technician and a wonderful shooter. Among his unforgettable experiences he counts two memorable matches with Žilina in 1962, in which he contributed the most to Sparta's rescue to the league elite with three goals.

Vladimír Táborský
Vladimír Táborský

*28. 4. 1944 He started playing football in Sparta at the age of ten and as a youth player he took part in a UEFA tournament in Romania. He wore league boots from 1962-1975 and played 226 league games in a red jersey with a two-year military break. As a player he celebrated his title at Letná in 1965. Very soon he became the prototype of the modern defender. He was fast, strong and durable. He liked to take offensive actions and didn't forget to shoot. He became a key player for the team both in the league and in a number of European cup competitions and memorable overseas tours. He played 19 matches for the national team. In 1983 he became Václav Ježek's assistant and a year and a half later he replaced him on the coach's bench and took Sparta to the title.

Andrej Kvašňák
Andrej Kvašňák

*19. 5. 1936 - †18. 4. 2007 His card is literally bursting with superlatives: Clever conductor, prudent tactician, excellent strategist, perfect defender, midfielder and striker. And a great comedian. He shot with his left foot from distance, and hit the ball into the net with a touch, he shot well with his head. Shortly after his arrival from Košice, he became a mainstay of the starting lineup and the door opened for him to 47 games for the national team, including the memorable 1962 World Cup. He played 248 league games for Sparta between 1960 and 1969 and scored 83 goals.

Sparta is a big team and belongs to the European elite. We earned the promotion. I remember a lot and I repeat: it was our toughest match in the history of the European Champions Cup. But what Sparta can't do yet: make sure that luck is its ally.

– Santiago Bernabéu after Real Madrid beat Sparta