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The Iron Eleven

In November 2013, the summer club celebrated the 120th anniversary of its foundation. As part of the autumn celebrations, a number of events related to the round anniversary of the club took place. One of them was a festive gala evening at the Prague Hilton Hotel, during which important personalities from the history of Sparta were honored.
As part of the celebratory evening, the Iron XI was announced, the composition of which was decided by only one criterion - the number of matches played in the Sparta jersey at a specific position in a 4-3-3 formation.


Antonín Kramerius (442 games, first 1962, last 1972)
League record holder for minutes without conceding a goal (1017 minutes)


Jiří Novotný (725 games, first 1987, last 2003)
The record holder in the number of titles won (14), spent almost his entire active career in Sparta.
František Chovanec (658 games, first 1965, last 1979)
A longtime pillar of the Spartan defense and a captain who excelled in hard work and tenacity.
Zdeněk Caudr (549 games, first 1975, last 1983)
A collector of crosses in the magazine Gól and a mainstay of Sparta's A-team, an all-rounder who played on the edge of the defense but could also play in the midfield.
Vladimír Táborský (547 games, first 1961, last 1975)
He worked at Letná as a coach, but spent more years in the red jersey on the field. His main assets were speed, durability and technical play.
In Memoriam - Jaroslav Burgr (625 games, first 1927, last 1944)


Jozef Chovanec (743 games, first 1978, last 1995)
The captain from Letná, originally a midfielder who moved to defense as a libero. He scored a goal against Slavia in one of his first matches in a red jersey. He ended his career in style by winning the derby in 1995, which he jumped into from the office as club manager.
Ivan Hašek (520 games, first 1980, last 1997)
A sporting talent, a captain and a fighter who was able to add creative abilities and an offensive superstructure to guarding the opponent's attacking aces. He followed up his career as a player with an equally successful stint on the bench, when he won the championship with Sparta and advanced to the next stage of the Champions League.
Josef Jarolím (456 games, first 1980, last 1988)
A playmaker who didn't care if he kicked the ball with his left or right foot.
In Memoriam
  • Karel Pešek "Káďa" (727 games, first 1913, last 1932)
  • Ladislav Koubek (552 games, first 1942, last 1956)
  • Josef Košťálek (545 games, first 1929, last 1945)
  • František Kolenatý (517 games, first 1917, last 1930)


Václav Mašek (677 games, first 1958, last 1973)
The "faithful Spartan heart" who spent practically his entire career in the first league in the red jersey. He was valued for his combativeness and ability to decide the match. For a long time, the scorer of the fastest goals scored at the World Cup, silver Chilean. He also briefly led the club from the position of chairman.
Arnošt Pazdera (597 games, first 1949, last 1965)
The right wing of the Spartan attack, the nimble David fighting the Goliaths in defense, which he bypassed with a loop to the left and right.
Horst Siegl (547 games, first 1987, last 2001)
Mr. Sagittarius, ruler of the small lime, master of the large. Member of the club of league gunners with 176 goals scored, historically the 5th best league scorer in the Czech and Czechoslovakian leagues.
In Memoriam - Karel Senecký (688 games, first 1937, last 1955)