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Hall of Fame

AC Sparta Prague, following the example of other football clubs, established the Hall of Fame in the 2005/2006 season as a tribute and award to players, coaches, officials and football fans who have made a significant contribution to the development of the AC Sparta Prague football club or achieved significant success in this field.

Hall of Fame members in the player category

Vítězslav Lavička

When he was 19 years old, coach Ježek and his then assistant Dušan Uhrin chose him for Sparta. During his three stints at Letná, he won a total of 7 league titles and had a memorable season in the Champions League, where Sparta stopped just short of the final. A few years after his playing career ended, he returned to Letná as an assistant coach and won three championship titles. In the 2013/2014 season he also won the title with Sparta as head coach. He has experience from coaching stints in Australia or with the Czech U21 national team.

Václav Pilát

During his first tenure in Sparta, Václav Pilát contributed to the premiere title in 1912. He was severely injured in World War I, underwent seven operations and managed to return to the pitch. He became one of the most important players of the "Iron Sparta" period. He has been described as the inventor of the "Czech street" and Sparta's first cannonballer. He wore the red jersey until 1923 and won five titles in total. He scored 323 goals in 443 matches. In 1969, together with Karel "Kád'a" Pesek, he performed the honorary kick-off at the opening of the reconstructed Letná.

Jaroslav Bartoň

Jaroslav Barton joined Sparta in the middle of the 1968/1969 season. He contributed to winning the Czechoslovak Cup in 1972 and subsequently making his way to the semi-finals of the Cup Winners' Cup the following season. He wore the red jersey for five years and scored 87 goals in 196 games. For many years he was responsible for the functioning of the Old Guard.

Václav Vrána

Václav Vrána came to Sparta in 1963 and soon joined the starting line-up of the then excellent team. By 1971 he played 156 league games for the club and scored 24 goals. During his time at Sparta he won two league titles.

Arnošt Pazdera

Arnošt Pazdera defended the Spartan colours for fifteen years. In terms of the number of games played, he stands right behind Kád'ou, Senecky, Mašek, F. Chovanec and Berger. His excellent performances in the fifties made him a member of the national team. In 1952 and 1954 he won the championship title with Sparta and although he was never a scorer of the type of Mašek or Griga, he burdened the account of the opponents of Sparta with 114 goals.

Andrej Kvašňák

Many great players have worn the Spartan jersey in the past, but only one has received the "Spartan of the Century" award. Between 1960 and 1969 Andrej Kvasňák played 433 games in the red jersey, 203 of them in the league and scored 299 goals, 65 of them were in battles for points. He became known as an excellent midfielder and a dangerous header. In 2013, the main stand of the Generala Arena was named after him - the Andrej Kvasňák Stand.

Oldřich Nejedlý

He was one of the greatest cannoneers and most successful players in the 1930s. He was known for his excellent ball control technique, crossing passes and shooting skills. Between 1931 and 1941 he played 415 games for Sparta, including 187 league games, and scored 388 goals, 162 of which were league goals. He was also the top scorer in the Italian World Championship in 1934.

Václav Mašek

A legend of Czech football and one of the most famous players in the history of Sparta, he played 677 matches in the red jersey during his career and scored 406 goals in them. He won two championship titles with Sparta in 1965 and 1967. In addition to his time at Sparta, his greatest career achievements include a silver medal at the World Championships in Chile in 1962. Václav Mašek also served as the president of Sparta in the 1990s. He is currently the chairman of the Sparta Endowment Fund, which helps former players in need.

Jozef Chovanec

The former outstanding player connected his football life mainly with Sparta Prague. He won 8 league titles and the Czechoslovak Cup three times. In addition to his rich collection of achievements with Sparta, he also boasts two titles with PSV Eindhoven, with whom he also won the Dutch Cup twice. After his playing career at Sparta ended, he worked at the club as a coach, general sports manager or president. His coaching achievements include two Czech league championships with Sparta and a nearly four-year stint with the Czech national team, which participated in the 2000 European Championship.

Tadeáš Kraus

The Spartan sharpshooter, who played a total of 458 games in the red jersey, scoring 201 goals. The player spent 11 years at Letná, during which he won one title. He also led Sparta's first league team as a coach, but above all he did a tremendous job as the head of the entire youth section and as a long-time coach of the first league youth.As the head of Spartan youth, he was involved in the education of future national team players such as Tomáš Skuhravý, Petr Gabriel, Jiří Novotný and others. In this leading role, he became a highly respected personality.

Jan Berger

He was the creator of the game and the driving force behind most Spartan actions of the time. Journalists and football experts spoke of him as the best Czechoslovak footballer of the 1980s. The owner of the 1984 and 1985 seasons played 331 games for Sparta and scored 96 goals. He worked there for six years and made an indelible mark on Sparta's history. His exceptional playing style was the attraction that brought fans to the stands of the Letná stadium. He also made a significant contribution to the national team's victory at the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow.

Karel „Káďa“ Pešek

A sports all-rounder who, in addition to football, played ice hockey at the top level. The golden times not only for Kád'u , but for the whole of Sparta came after the end of the First World War. The balance of this "Iron Age" belongs to the realm of dreams. Between 1920 and 1923, Sparta played fifty championship matches, in which it won the first number of points with a score of 230:40. "Kád'a" was the star of the team and was admired all over Europe. He invented the defensive slide, for example, and Sparta won with him at the helm.

Josef Jurkanin

Football idol of the late 60s and one of the greatest football talents of Czechoslovak football of all time. He played for Sparta from 1966 to 1975. He started playing league football at the age of 17 alongside Andrej Kvasňák and Václav Mašek. A year later he made his debut for the national team. As a player, he was renowned for his speed and technique with the ball.

Josef Vojta

The former Sparta and Czechoslovak national team all-rounder, who spent eight years at Letná. He was renowned for his strong but clean play and great versatility. He was called the worker of the football pitch. He could defend and attack, pass, shoot and control the tempo of the game. At Sparta he won two championship titles and first place in the Central Bohemia and Czechoslovak Cup. In total, he has 351 games and 77 goals in a red jersey.

Ivan Hašek

One of the most famous footballers in the history of Sparta played in the red jersey in two periods. First, at the beginning of his career, he was there for nine years and won six league titles. In 1990, he left for Strasbourg in France, from where he moved to Japan after 4 years. After two years in Asia, he returned to Sparta, with whom he won two more titles. After his career he became a coach, he has had stints at Sparta, with the national team and abroad. He also served for a while as head of the Football Association.

Jiří Novotný

The absolute record holder of titles won in a Sparta jersey. In total, this outstanding defender won 14 titles in a Sparta jersey. In total, he played 366 league matches in 16 years, scoring 31 goals. He won his first title at the age of 17 and his last at the age of 33. He then went on his first foreign assignment to Russia, where he played two seasons for Rubin Kazan. After returning from Russia, he played in the second league in Most, then guested in Blštany. He spent the last two years of his professional career in Rožomberok in Slovakia and in the Czech second league in Dukla. He retired at the age of 39.

Horst Siegl

A renowned goal scorer who won 11 titles in his Sparta career. He became the Czech league's top scorer four times and scored a total of 275 goals for Sparta. One of the most famous moments of his career is the decisive goal in the 1991 Champions League ninth round match when Sparta defeated Fc Barcelona 1-0 at Letná. In 1996, thanks to a loan spell at FC Kaiserslautern, he also tried out for the German Bundesliga. After his career ended, he was an assistant to several Sparta coaches.

Petr Kouba

Another hero from the memorable match against Fc Barcelona. Petr Kouba kept a clean sheet in goal and had a big part in this historic success. With Sparta he won 5 league titles and his greatest achievements include the silver at the 1996 European Championship in England, where the Czech national team fell in extra time in the final against Germany, and the award of Footballer of the Year 1993. After several seasons at Letná, he also played for Deportivo La Coruña in Spain and Kaiserslautern in Germany.

Raymond Braine

The first foreign player to ever wear the red jersey. He joined Sparta in 1930 and won two league titles. In 1935, alongside Oldřich Nejedlý, he contributed his goals to the Central European Cup victory.

Jiří Tichý

The outstanding Spartan stopper wore the red jersey from 1964 to 1969, played 278 games and won two championship titles. He appeared in 19 matches for the national team. After finishing his playing career, he became an assistant to coaches Navara, Uhrin, Kraus and Hložek and also took care of Spartans youth players.

Antonín Kramerius

Owner of two league titles with Sparta. He has been at Letná for 10 years and has been its mainstay in goal the whole time. In total, he has 442 games in Sparta's goal. During his playing career, he was a terror for the opponent's attackers during duels in the whitewash due to his big stature and courage in collecting centreballs. He was also a key player for Sparta during the traditional winter overseas trips. He holds the league record for the most minutes without a goal (1017 min).

František Chovanec

A long-time pillar of the Spartan defense and a captain who excelled in hard work and tenacity. He played for Sparta from 1965 to 1979 and had a total of 658 games. In 1967 he won his only league title, to which he added winning the Czechoslovak Cup twice. With Sparta he experienced the semi-finals of the Winners' Cup and the only relegation to the second league in history in 1975.

Hall of Fame members in the personality category

Jakub Ruml

For political reasons, Jakub Ruml could not take up football until after 1989. He joined Sparta five years later. He became the head coach of the youth and later the youth secretary. He was involved in the development of hundreds of male and female footballers. He worked at Sparta until 2020, when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Antonín Kříž

He came to Spata in 1991. Shortly afterwards he became the main organizer of home games. In this capacity he experienced an incredible 729 matches, the last one being the 300th derby victory. In addition to this role, he held the position of stadium manager until the 2021/2022 season. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2021.

Václav Ježek

Although he himself never played football at the top level, his coaching skills and successes made Václav Ježek one of the most famous figures in the history of not only Sparta, but the entire Czechoslovak football. In 2001 he was the best domestic football coach of the twentieth century. With Sparta he won six championship titles.

Rudolf Baťa

A referee recognized by the hockey world, later also a football official respected by important foreign personalities, since 1996 a respected international secretary of Sparta. Whenever Sparta played a match in the European Cups, there was probably no club where he did not have some friends or acquaintances. And everyone respected and appreciated him.

Dušan Uhrin st.

Coach Dušan Uhrin Sr. was inducted into the Hall of Fame in the 2009/2010 season. He is a five-time recipient of the Coach of the Year award and a member of the Czech Football Hall of Fame. As a coach, he led Sparta to third place in the Champions League and with the Czech national football team won silver medals at the 1996 European Championships in England.

Vladimír Táborský

Vladimír Táborský was a player in two seasons and won one league title there and, above all, experienced several memorable battles in the European Champions Cup and Cup Winners' Cup.He has also made 19 starts in the Czechoslovakian rep. After the end of his playing career, he also worked at Letná as an assistant and later as head coach.As a head coach, he has also had several engagements with Greek clubs.

Václav Čermák

Václav Čermák has been the doctor of Sparta since 1966. Five years later, a health center was set up near the main drone, and under his leadership it became the basis for the care of top athletes. Václav Čermák also worked for the Czechoslovak national team from 1974 to 1991. First in the under-23 team and until 1982 in the first team. In 1990 he also participated in the World Championship in Italy. During his time at Letná he was not only a doctor. In 1990 he even managed Sparta himself.

Milada Vrbická

A renowned sports physiotherapist, doctor and for many years the soul of Spartan Stadium. Mrs. Vrbická has worked continuously at Letná since December 1975, when she joined the then second league Sparta from the position of head of the rehabilitation department of the hospital under Petřín. In addition to taking care of the Sparta footballers, she also served as a physiotherapist for the Czech Fed Cup tennis team between 1984 and 1994. From her start at Letná she was also part of the Sparta A-team during UEFA matches until 2006.

Lubomír Bednář

Sparta's chief secretary, who has been with the club for more than 30 years. From 1943 he was also active for the Spartan youth. In 1983 he was involved in the organization of the 90th anniversary of the club's foundation.