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Evolution of the Sparta Prague logo

As Sparta changed their names, the club logos had to change logically. And actually even more often, because fashion is relentless and sometimes it is necessary to reach into the old design...

Evolution of the logo

Early 20th century

The blue-yellow-red combination, together with the red jerseys, is the main visual identifier of Sparta. Its origin dates back to 1893, so it was created in the early days of the Athletic Club Královské Vinohrady, as the first official name of our club was. The basic element was a combination of yellow and red, the colors of Prague as a royal city. To complete the tricolor, the founders of Sparta added the color blue as a symbol of Europe.
Over the years, the jerseys, the name of the club, the players and the stadium changed, but nobody ever dared to touch the Spartan tricolor. While the interpretation of the shades of the individual colors is free, and so over the years we can see both dark blue and light blue variants of the first stripe of the flag, the order of the colors is unambiguous. It starts with blue, either at the top in the case of the horizontal stripes or on the left in the vertical version, continues with yellow in the middle, and then red at the bottom or right.
The development of the club's logo is a bit more colorful. In its original form, used for a hundred years, there was no blue-yellow-red tricolor at all. The main element was the morning star, a red five-pointed star standing on its two rays. It is a symbol of hope and a better tomorrow. Around it was a dark blue circle with the inscription Athletic Club Sparta. This symbol followed Sparta for the first 55 years of its history before it became, like the name itself, a target of the unwanted creativity of the communist regime.

The basic element was a combination of yellow and red, which are the colours of Prague as a royal city

60s and 80s

Athletic Club Sparta is thus changed first by the inscription ZSJ Bratrství Sparta, then even Spartak ČKD Sokolovo, before the seemingly friendly Sparta Praha settles down in the sixties. However, there is a catch - the traditional jitterbug has been recently updated with the inscription ČKD... In this form, the club logo survived the 1980s before the inscription of the club's former main sponsor finally disappeared shortly after the Velvet Revolution.

90s and present

In 1993, the new Sparta management decided to make a radical cut and came up with a brand new logo. The Jitrenka was replaced by a big S, until then known mainly from Sparta hockey. The tricolor was then added under the AC Sparta Praha football sign for the first time in the club's history. In this form, the Sparta logo stayed until 2021.
In February 2021, Sparta presented a new visual identity to its fans, which included a modernized logo, and began using it from the 2021/2022 season. The current logo continues the tradition of the previous one, keeping the tricolor element, but also proudly claiming the oldest Spartan history. The first jerseys of our club were black and this color has its place in the current logo. Presented in 2021, the logo is minimalistic and fully corresponds to the digital needs of the current world.