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Win against Zagreb

Sparta will play in the group stage of the Europa league


Knowing they needed to win by three goals, Brian Priske's men went into a second leg against Dinamo Zagreb. They entered the match as best they could, as Haraslín opened the scoring in the 2nd minute and Sørensen added another goal before the break. After the change of sides, Panák got the ball into the net, but Baturina immediately responded, so the drama continued. In the 88th minute, Victor Olatunji added another goal, deciding not only the final result 4:1 but also the opportunity to play in the group stage of the Europa League.


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AC Sparta Praha – GNK Dinamo Zagreb 4:1 (2:0)
Goals: 2. Haraslín, 44. Sørensen, 67. Panák, 88. Olatunji – 71. Baturina. Yellow Cards: 50. Olatunji, 52. Wiesner – 44. Moharrami. Referees: Tobias Stieler - Christian Gittelmann, Mark Borsch (Martin Petersen), VAR: Marco Fritz (Pascal Müller).  Attendance: 16 256.
Sparta: Vindahl – Sørensen, Panák, Krejčí – Wiesner (84. Pešek), Laci (68. Sadílek), Kairinen, Ryneš (63. Zelený) – Kuchta (84. Karabec), Olatunji, Haraslín (63. Birmnačević).
Zagreb: Nevistić – Moharrami (46. Šutalo), Ristovski, Perić, Ljubičić – Bulat, Mišić – Špikić (72. Emreli), Baturina, Marin (46. Michajličenko) – Petković.

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