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We all realize the importance of this match

The press conference before the second game against Rapid


The second game against Rapid in Champions League is scheduled on Wednesday 28th of July in Generali Česká pojišťovna Arena in Prague. Sparta is under pressure because they lost the first match 1-2 in Vienna. The press conference took place a day before the match. Questions, on Sparta's side, were answered by head coach Pavel Vrba and the captain of the team Bořek Dočkal.
Spartans will have with certainty their spot in the group stage of European League if they pass through Rapid. Vrba realizes the importance of this game. “We need to do everything to fulfil our main goal to score two more goals than Rapid and step forward to another round.” The coach of the home team did a precious video analysis from the first game, but he knows that the second game will be different, especially from Rapid's side that also understands the importance of the game.
Vrba also mentioned what are the key factors in the upcoming game: “We need to be careful about losses of the ball because Rapid has dangerous counter-attacks. We have to create our play on the good defense and be active in the shooting as in the game against Olomouc.” Bořek Dočkal continued: “We have to be organized, have a fast move from one side of the pitch to another. We want to be active and have the ball possession. The important factor will be how we react after we lose the ball.” Spartan's captain feels self-confidence from his team. Everyone realizes the importance of this match. “If we win, we will be closer to one of our pre-season goals, it will be the first huge step on our way.”
Sparta won the opening game in FORTUNA:LIGA at the weekend. “We played a decent game against Olomouc. We won and had many chances what can help us. It is going to be a different match against Rapid, but I believe we can take advantage of our strengths from the last game,” says Dočkal. Rapid, on the other hand, lost at the weekend in the Austrian league However, Dočkal does not think it will have a huge influence on this game. He thinks they threw it behind their heads, and they are ready for this important match.
The new rule about away goals brings higher chances for a penalty shoot-out. “We were practising penalty kicks yesterday. It went pretty well but it is different in the game, after 120 minutes while knowing how important the match is. We have some players that we will use if this scenario comes,” added Vrba.
The match AC Sparta Prague against SK Rapid Vienna starts on Wednesday 28th of July at 8:30 p.m.

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