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Sparta has a new website

We introduce you to the new Sparta website


We have launched a new and improved version of the AC Sparta Prague website. Here you will find all your favourite features, articles and videos with a completely new design for an even better experience and above all better contact with the club.
We wanted to meet the demands of our fans and reflect the dynamically evolving digital age, and we did what we could. After more than a year of development, we are now launching the new website, which reflects the current needs of the club's digital communication with its fans. The new developments not only involved a new look for and, but also included creating a new back-end and building a new web infrastructure. With this step, we want to significantly strengthen the stability of the website, for example, when watching live broadcasts of matches.
The new website with a visual redesign provides an overall improvement of the user experience. The functionalities you are used to have been retained, but new ones will gradually be added. The modernisation of the website will allow us to further develop our digital ecosystem, which you know as SPARTA iD, introducing new technologies and keeping up with current trends.
The new website, SPARTA iD and the remaining parts were designed and developed by ELEVUP, which has so far been involved in the creation of the Sparta mobile app. Due to their knowledge of our processes and systems and their great professionalism, we chose them. We are pleased that we have been able to extend our cooperation to other user applications and systems.
At the same time, we are also expanding our cooperation with DEEP VISION, whose subsidiary ENIGOO is handling our ticketing solution. DEEP VISION supplies us with a tool called Relatoo. This tool is used to create email newsletters and campaigns, mobile notifications or comprehensive fan data management.
We believe it will fulfill your expectations.


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